The Terrible Twos

Reading To Toddlers Can Help The Terrible Twos!

The Terrible Twos and reading!

If you are having troubles dealing with the terrible twos stage (and beyond!) then perhaps beginning or increasing the amount of reading you do to your child can help.

One of the biggest reasons that the terrible twos toddlers and other young children act up and misbehave is because they are craving attention and affection. Reading to the terrible twos toddler will give them the special love and attention they are looking for as well as helping them with one of the most fundamental skills of life - reading!

It might surprise you to find out just how much these little humans absolutely love being read to and also pretending to read themselves! Lets talk a little more about how to go about it!

The importance of reading to the terrible twos toddler!

As reading is one of the most important life skills we ever develop, getting your toddler interested in and excited about reading will benefit them always, also making the transition to learning to read at school so much easier.

Most parents use the crucial time just before bed to read to their children. It is a very symbolic routine that settles down the terrible twos toddler and gets them ready for bed. By being quiet and simply listening, your toddler (and yourself!) will begin to wind down from the big day they have just had. Toddlers love the closeness and attention that being read to by their mummy or daddy provides.

Do not limit however, story book reading just to bedtime. Although this is the norm, reading to your toddler at any time during the day especially if they have requested it is always good. You can never overdo reading - fuel their fires!

You can also take your child to the local library as they often have story telling sessions. The interaction with other children combined with the extra prowess that these people often have when telling their stories will further interest your toddler in stories and reading. Its also a great way to introduce them to the library.

The Terrible Twos toddler doesn't expect polished professionalism!

You don't have to be a narrator and story teller of exceptional skill either! Just reading one on one to the terrible twos toddler gives them just what they need however I would really recommend having a crack at trying different voices and characters as you read. No one has to know or hear you and the sillier you might think you sound, more than likely the funnier your child thinks you are!

You can also make reading more fun by letting them turn the pages for you or by getting them to point out things and objects on the pages. A small diversion from the story to ask what animal that is and what sound does it make makes story time even better.

But the terrible twos toddler won't sit still long enough for me to read them a book I hear you say.

Yes that may be true but the trick is to start off small and you will find that their interest will slowly increase. Even if you just get through a couple of pages then that is just fine. Keep trying and don't force them to sit still and listen. The attention span of our little ones going through the terrible twos is often not very long so you will have to interest them enough to sit still longer and longer.

You may have struggles when first starting and when going through the terrible twos stage, you might hardly feel like starting something new, but always remember the quality time together that reading to your toddler gives to the both of you.

Do your best to keep things interactive and fun to keep them involved and stick to a routine of trying to read at least a little bit every single day. Not only will you and your toddler share wonderful times together but you will also be laying the foundations for a lifelong passion of reading!

If you would like your child to get an amazing start to life, get them reading early!

You would be surprised to learn just how early your child can not only read, but comprehend as well!

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