The Terrible Twos

So Just What Are The Terrible Twos?

Is my child going through the terrible twos?

Here I guess that I just wanted to give a quick introduction to what the Terrible Twos are all about and also why they occur. Raising kids can be pretty tough at times and if you are a new parent "waiting" for this stage or a parent, grandparent or babysitter currently going through this period then you will certainly find some basic info and parenting tips here that will help you out!

The Terrible Twos is a very tough time for both the toddler and also the parents.

Although most of the time the terrible twos behavior is commonly displayed between the years of two and three, it is not uncommon for the same behavior to come out in the year before or after. In my personal case for my first born son Kaleb, he had his the terrible twos stage between the ages of three and four. However my second born, Seth, has hit the 3rd year like clockwork!

Very basically, the terrible twos can be described as aggressive, defiant, demanding, unreasonable and mischievous behavior. Some toddlers go through the terrible twos stage quite mildly while others turn into devil children! :)

Temper tantrums, hitting and biting, yelling, incredible mischievousness and an overall general refusal to do just about whatever is asked of your child are the main ways the terrible twos behavior is displayed. The biggest thing all parents or guardians must realize is that this behavior is TOTALLY NORMAL, not personal, aimed towards them and is not the sign of a terrible child.

This challenging toddler behavior is brought on mainly by the terrible twos toddler's frustrations in a stage of their life where his or her brain is well and truly ahead of the their body and capabilities at the time.

The child knows exactly what they want to do or say and just simply cannot get the words or actions out. Imagine how frustrating that must feel?! He or she is also trying out their constantly changing boundaries and attempting to assert their ever growing need for independence.

Parents and guardians facing the terrible twos must always remember that these are not easy times but can be made more bearable by adhering to a few guidelines.

These toddlers going through the terrible twos need routine!

Try and stick to it as best as possible.

Set limits and don't give in to tantrums - you will never reclaim your lost ground!

Provide appropriate but fair discipline. Time Outs are great for this!

Provide a safe environment for the terrible twos toddler - especially when angry!

Offer the terrible twos toddler specific choices rather than general options so they feel they are making decisions.

Above all, do not engage your toddler in an argument or yelling match. Do not lash out at them and always remain calm throughout all your dealings with these misguided angels!

For success in handling the terrible twos I really recommend the amazing audio program, Talking To Toddlers (click below).

It's full of great info, tips, methods, and strategies to ensure you get through the challenging stage that is the terrible twos!