The Terrible Twos

Controlling Terrible Twos

Need some help controlling terrible twos?

As previously discussed, controlling Terrible Twos behavior is a natural part of child development and an absolutely normal stage of raising children.

Controlling terrible twos behavior is one of the hardest, most challenging, and upsetting stages parents and guardians go through especially for those experiencing it for the first time.

There is general disobedience, mood swings, the out and out defiance, selective hearing, and constant arguments over even the most basic requests. We also cannot forget the upset caused by seeing your beloved toddler hitting, scratching, and biting others in vicious displays of terrible twos behavior and we have not even touched on the spectacle that is the TEMPER TANTRUM! :)

Is controlling terrible twos behavior even possible?!

Do not despair as the answer is Yes! It will take some change, also some consistency, trials, and errors but above all, use plenty of love and you will see success!

Here's some easy and simple tips to make a start on!

Tips In Controlling The Terrible Twos 

Many parents will agree you can take steps to make things run more smoothly when the terrible twos start. The earlier you start, the easier it is to change habits and behaviors before they get fully entrenched into your toddlers' psyche! As soon as you notice changes in behavior, make a mental note of it for next time. After all, a one-off can and does happen! If the behavior is soon repeated, then it should be a prompt to action.

A Nap is So Important - Schedule It In! Terrible twos bad behavior

We all know what it is like when we are tired or don't get enough sleep. Exactly the same but times 100 goes for most toddlers - they are super busy little creatures with their minds racing and growing just as much as their cute little bodies! During nap time, especially if it is a regular time, you don't want to mess with that. Your child is less likely to be angry when they have a good nap. Therefore it would obviously be best if you tried to plan outings or errands outside of nap times.

Stick to a Steady and Regular Meal Timetable.

Many of us adults can survive and even thrive with irregular meal times - we just power on through it! Unfortunately, the toddler's brain does not work the same way. When they are hungry - they are HUNGRY! As much as possible, you are best served to get some healthy nourishment into them quickly. The best time to go on a trip with your child is when they are well-nourished, full, and happy. Pack healthy snacks and drinks for long trips, so your child has something to eat if they get hungry along the way.

Review or Revisit Previous Triggers Before You Repeat Them

As the old saying goes, being forewarned is being forearmed! Especially if you have dealt with previous terrible twos behavior in certain circumstances, scenarios or places, discuss possible repeat performances beforehand. Before you go into a store, talk to your child about things that might make them angry or even that may have happened last time. You can tell her not to demand a candy bar, but you can give her a treat after she does well in the store.

Don't Give Up...Ever!

As discussed above, every time you turn a blind eye or allow poor toddler behavior to go unchallenged, you bed down the possibility of future reoccurrences! If you simply give in when your child throws a tantrum because they want candy, a toy, or something else, it will get even more challenging next time. Stand firm with your child to avoid tantrums in the long run and remember the golden rule - sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. Very hard to do at times to your gorgeous little mini-me but vitally important on so many levels.

Cure Boredom with a Little Creativity!

This one is a real winner and it's actually quite fun to do too if you get it right! Try to develop creative, socially acceptable ways to keep a child busy instead of yelling at them for being bored. Change their patterns by saying and doing things they wouldn't expect. You will be amazed at the success rate this has!

Be Calm and Stay Consistent

Staying calm is power. Your toddler will use your energy as fuel and confrontation so lower the energy. It would be best to let your child work through their tantrum if you are at home. The best thing to do if you are in public however is quickly getting your child out of the situation. Although reacting to tantrums is not ideal, we have all seen poor parents simply ignoring their child in a busy supermarket while they absolutely scream the house down. To deal with a tantrum, take a deep breath and calm down. Do not give in to the demands of your child.

When It's Necessary, Explain and then Change Focus

When your child does something that isn't right, it's tempting to tell them why it isn't OK. Instead of a long one that your child might not understand, give a short explanation. You can do this either verbally or physically to help your child focus on something else.

You can save some sanity and remind yourself that you aren't the only parent or guardian who has struggled with controlling Terrible Twos!

The good news is that there is loads of help available out there for controlling terrible twos with stacks and stacks of books, articles, and parenting tips however I was looking for something a bit different as I don't have a lot of time for long reading - father of two young boys, do the math! :)

The Terrible Twos and Biting

Biting can occur when children are teething, irritated by their inability to articulate their feelings vocally, or because they require more oral or sensory stimulation.

Here are some things you can do if your child bites another youngster:

Intervene immediately, but be cool.

Ascertain that the youngster who was bitten is not injured.

Tell the biting youngster, in a calm tone, that biting is not acceptable.

Redirect the youngster to a more enjoyable activity.

If the biting persists or you believe you require additional assistance, there are many books written for both toddlers and parents, such as "Teeth Are Not for Biting" by Elizabeth Verdick and Marieka Heinlen or "Little Dinos Don't Bite" by Michael Dahl, as well as songs and videos, that can help address the behavior.
Of course, you can also consult with your trusted family pediatrician or even a specialist. They can offer extra evaluation, assistance and reassurance.

What if You Need Something More Than Just Terrible Twos Tips?

With this in mind, I found an awesome audio course specially designed for controlling terrible twos - Talking To Toddlers, which is just perfect for busy parents and guardians on the go. This program is pretty popular so if you have already heard of it, click here to go straight to the website or keep reading for my experience!

So why an audio course for help in controlling terrible twos and not just another book?

Let's face it, at the end of the day when the kids are finally in bed and the house repaired after the day's events,  sitting down and reading a book just puts us straight to sleep! Well, that's how it was for me!

This audio course called Talking To Toddlers is a package that contains approx 3 hours of audio over twelve 20 minutes or so sessions full of great info and strategies for controlling terrible twos behavior. I found they are just the perfect length to listen to while doing the dishes, tidying up, or just lying down in bed before you go to sleep!

They are a mix of time and tested controlling terrible twos techniques as well as utilizing great advances in the areas of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). NLP might sound a bit scary to those not familiar with it however do not be put off. It is basically a long term simply for training your brain how to respond in certain circumstances and situations. The creator, Chris Thompson, describes using NLP as an instruction manual for the brain that teaches you how to use verbal language and body language to change someone's emotional state, attitude, or behavior.

How does this help in controlling terrible twos?

There are many benefits for you and your toddler by going through this program. Chris states that at the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Get your kids to go to bed (when YOU want them to! Yes it really can happen!)
  • Get your kids to actually go along with your requests
  • Avoid temper tantrums
  • Stop yelling and fighting with your children (This was a real big one for my wife and I!)
  • Avoid the use of the word NO (a major trigger!) and still get your message across
  • How to retain your authority and not lose ground

Plus much more and all the while NOT YELLING AND SCREAMING at your children!

To me, the program has mostly good points however as with every system there are some faults.

On the positive side, I believe Chris has come up with a great format in the audio files rather than just another book. As mentioned above, parents struggling with controlling terrible twos toddlers normally don't have the time or energy to sit down and read through a big manual. Having the course on audio allows you to play it while you are busy around the house, in the car, or simply just lying there in bed at the end of the day.

It is very easily understood and you can begin to put into practice what you have learned straight away after each lesson. Its toddler taming principles are also reality-based as a result of success in real-life family situations and not old psychology textbooks!

On the negative side, some people could see the use of NLP as akin to brainwashing or other controversial techniques. I would hate to see people miss out on this opportunity for controlling terrible twos behavior because of such fears when the reality is quite different. Talking To Toddlers is love and compassion-based not manipulative logic or argumentative disciplines. Yelling and inappropriate discipline is certainly not a part of this program!

The course can be downloaded immediately or for those of you who like the security of an actual product, the course also comes on CDs however the price is higher. I notice at the time of writing this review that although the sale price is $47 there is currently a special going for only $29. For your money you get the full audio course, cheat sheets for each lesson to make sure you did not miss anything, and exercises to do, and also a great bonus in a PDF activity book - Show Kids The Fun! full of activities to keep them occupied.

There is also a full 8-week money-back guarantee with Chris Thompson's controlling terrible twos Talking To Toddlers program so if you are right in the middle of your toddlers Terrible Two's stage or it is coming up, I urge you to have a look at Talking To Toddlers.

There is nothing worse than the guilt we feel after snapping, yelling at, or worse, smacking our children just out of frustration due to our inability to succeed in controlling terrible twos behavior. Click the image below, to give yourself and your family the best chance to successfully get through this potentially heartbreaking stage without hurting those we love.

I wish you all the best with your own Terrible Twos experience! It can certainly be a challenge but never, ever forget that these years are, and always will be an absolutely amazing time in the life of your child and indeed yourself providing endless fond memories.

Hopefully, it will not be too hard on you, and the tips and strategies learned here and by using the brilliant Talking To Toddlers program below, will help you get through it all with a smile!

Start controlling terrible twos!